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About me

A filmmaker and storyteller, I try to share the beauty of our world through film and photography.

Ambition, hard work and passion is what has allowed me to follow my chosen career path. After finishing my degree in Economics, I went on to study for an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking. Gaining ample experience in the industry and producing both professional and student productions, I have given myself a range of skills that will allow me to be efficient and effective in my work.

I am one who constantly enjoys learning and experiencing new challenges and as a collaborative individual, working with a team of differing and like-minded people has always allowed me to test my limits and share ideas and thoughts with others.

Documentary making is my focus point, allowing people to see the world through untold stories – from our wildlife and people, to the art of culture and food.

My enthusiasm and determination has constantly fuelled me with new ideas and thoughts, and will continue to do so in order to create films that are truly inspirational.


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